Social Skills Group

This group is designed to both develop social skills and deal with the anxiety that social situations may cause. Topics will include beliefs about being social, how to make conversation, non-verbal communication, taking healthy risks and how to manage anxiety while being social. There will be an emphasis on practical skill development and helping group members set goals and practice skills that are learned.

Who can join the group

This group is for anyone age 15 and up who struggles with social skills and social anxiety.

When & Where

The group will meet 5 times on the first Sunday of the month for two hours starting in October from 12:15-2:15 PM.

Session Topics

Session 1

What are social skills? Why don’t I have social skills Getting an idea of what my beliefs about social skills are. What holds me back from doing better with social interactions. Goals for developing social skills and identifying places to practice social skills. Taking healthy social risks. Understanding non-verbal communication.

Session 2

Dealing with social anxiety and how we talk to ourselves.  Understanding how bodily sensation and self-talk help/hurt social skills. Anxiety regulation.  Conversation mechanics and skill development.

Session 3

Flexible thinking about social interactions. Seeing context and what different social situations require.  What to do when I make social mistakes. Good manners.

Session 4

Dealing with compliments and criticism. What healthy social relationships and boundaries look like.  The different kind of relationships.

Session 5

How to keep improving social skills.  Explore other questions and concerns that group members have about being social. Review everything learned and what changes have been made in group members.

4041 High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43214 (map)

Conveniently located next to the Park of Roses with great parking. On the COTA #2 Bus Line with building very near the N. High and Glenmont bus stop.


$150 for all 5 sessions ($15 per hour, what a deal) due before sessions start. Insurance may be used only if the group member is an individual client of CAASS because a person using insurance must have a mental health diagnosis.

How to sign up or get more information

Just fill out the contact form below and someone from CAASS will get back to you shortly.