Aaron Engel, CT

Direct phone for and to make an appointment with Aaron is (380) 204-9208

CAASS is proud to have partnered with HMT ltd -Healthy Mind Training to offer additional providers for our clients.

Aaron’s Personal Statement:

My skill set allows me to specialize in two main areas. First, I help adults develop strong social skills, including those adults diagnosed with ASD or social anxiety. I help them gain confidence in the many gifts and talents they have to offer. Second, I use my many years of corporate business experience to help clients build positive relationships in the workplace, including working in teams, working with difficult coworkers, improving leadership skills and creating positive relationships with management or employees.

I work with my clients to meet their personal goals, both socially and professionally. I can help them become more assertive, confident, and identify and utilize their strengths.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like help with social and relationship skills or if you want to talk about career difficulties and opportunities, general anxiety, or assistance with adjusting to COVID. I am available to start seeing new clients on October 12, 2020.

Click to see Aaron’s profile at Psychology Today.