Current Group Therapy Opportunities

Title: Men’s Bad Breakup Group: Support, Regulation of Pain and Suffering Well Group

The Leader: Ken Smith, LPCC-S

Setting: In person at 4041 N. High St, Columbus Ohio

Techniques used: Support Group, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Logo and Philosophical counseling- Learning to suffer well

Who for: Men (adult males age 18+) who have had a bad relationship breakup (unjust divorce, difficult raising of children, unjust separation , etc) and still suffer from the effects of the breakup more than 1 month after breakup.

Cost: You are asked to commit to and pay for each session whatever you make an hour of work.  No one will be excluded from group due to inability to pay.

Can I use medical insurance: No, under no circumstances.

Number of sessions: 4 to start.  If a sufficient amount (in the view of Ken) of participants want, group can be prolonged.  But Ken promises to offer at least 4 group sessions. 

Frequency of Group: Once every 2 weeks for 1 ½ hours (90 minutes).

Time of Group: Every other Thursday at 7PM OR Saturday at 2PM. Depends on availability of all participants, potential participants can let Ken know what days he can come

Focus of Group: Helping the men in the group to deal and be the best man he can be after a hard/devastating relationship break up. This includes moving on, supporting children as a great father in separation from the child’s mother, and suffering well on thing that the man cannot change.  

Number of Participants: At least 3 men must be committed to the group before it will start. It may take some time to get enough participants to start, but Ken is working on starting the group the week of September 18, 2022

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