Our Mission

Accepting New Mental Clients at Homeworth Ohio Office!

Currently, ONLY the Homeworth Ohio (near Alliance, Ohio- 2.5 hours from Columbus) office is accepting new IN-PERSON mental health clients. We are currently not able to accept new clients at our Online, Columbus, and New Albany Ohio offices. Check back periodically to see if we have openings in other offices. CAASS does not keep a waiting list. Inquiries to become a new client at other locations will not be responded to.

Offering Online Coaching Services (see coaching page for more info about and to contact us for coaching services).

Our Mission

The Center for Autism, Assertiveness & Social Skills (CAASS) exists to provide world-class clinical and coaching services to help adolescents, teens and adults with Autism/Asperger’s & ADHD personality features meet life’s challenges and thrive. This is the CAASS LTD. approach in mental health treatment or coaching.

CAASS was founded by Ken Smith with a commitment to helping those who need help with Autism/Asperger’s, especially in adulthood. CAASS also helps anyone who needs help overcoming social phobia/anxiety or in need of learning how to respect their rights and those of others assertively.

CAASS provides mental health services and counseling for those age 12+ within the state of Ohio.

CAASS provides coaching services to people all over the US.

CAASS offers speakers and continuing education all over the world.