Our Mission

The Center for Autism, Assertiveness & Social Skills  (CAASS) exists to provide world-class clinical services to help adolescents, teens and adults with Autism/Asperger’s personality features meet life’s challenges.  CAASS was founded by clinical counselor Ken Smith with a commitment to helping those who need help with Autism/Asperger’s, especially in adulthood.

CAASS also helps anyone who needs help overcoming social phobia/anxiety or in need of learning how to respect their rights and those of others assertively.

Locations in Columbus, Homeworth (Alliance), Northfield, & Grandview Heights Ohio

Due to concerns over the COVID-19, CAASS would like to remind existing clients of their 3 options to get services (providers may also set their own requirements):
  1. In person (provided clients will follow the Ohio Startup Guidelines)*
  2. Over the phone (Telephonic counseling)
  3. Over HIPPA compliant video conferencing (Etherapy)

Many insurance companies are allowing telephonic and Etherapy sessions in the current situation. However, as always with insurance, call and make sure they will cover Telephonic or Etherapy with your CAASS provider.