Becoming a Mental Health or Coaching Client

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Our staff coach Casey is able to to accept new coaching clients online. Coaching is different from mental health and counseling services. To understand the difference or contact us for coaching services see our coaching page.

Coaching has advantages, such as a focus on helping you get the life you want, other than just trying to deal with mental health problems, diagnostic labeling, & coaching is freed from a lot of the obtuse mental health ethics & approach. And as coaching is freed from the stultifying effect of mental health insurance, it is often as impactful and more affordable than mental health services.

Prospective Mental Health Clients

We have a few slots for new mental clients available (see availability on form) with our founder Ken Smith. Fill out the form below to become a prospective mental health client.

Mental health services are only available for people who live/can come to Ohio (even for Tele-health/online therapy). If you cannot come or live in Ohio, you can still access our coaching services. Form below is only for prospective mental health clients.

Mental health prospective client form (click here for coaching services form):

Anyone is welcome to use this form to make inquires about CAASS services for themselves or anyone else but be aware that if the prospective new client is a legal adult (age 18+) and not under the legal guardianship of person filling out form, this adult prospective client needs to contact CAASS directly to make an appointment and needs to sign all paperwork themselves. PARENTS OF LEGAL ADULTS CANNOT MAKE APPOINTMENTS FOR ADULT CHILDREN unless the adult child has authorized CAASS to do so. If the prospective client is a minor (age 12-17) the parent or legal guardian should fill out form. Legal documentation is required to establish legal guardianship. If minor’s parents are divorced, legal documentation needs to be provided to show parent making appointment has the right to make health care decisions for minor.
IN-PERSON appoints mean you MUST come to the office for services. If you don’t see your office and time above, it is currently not accepting new clients. If you need other times and locations, check back in a month or so to see what is available. CAASS LTD does not keep a waiting list for services.
PLEASE don’t send sensitive personal or clinical information via this form.
*CAASS not in network with these insurance providers but we can help you try to get a single case agreement (SCA). This is not guaranteed and can be a hassle to get. If no SCA is secured, you will owe the self-pay rate.

Consultation/Speaking Requests, Info & Clinical Fax Number

If you wish to contact a provider for consultation/speaking requests, fax number, or for any other reason click here.

Current Clients

If you are a current client please contact your provider directly via the client portal messenger or via their direct phone/email number which can be found in your client paperwork or via appointment reminders.

If you are in crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.