About Diagnosis and Assessment at CAASS

An important note about diagnosis of neuro-developmental challenges:

We are firm believers in treatment, education, psycho-education, and fulfillment of your potential.

We do not just label people with a limiting diagnosis (see the limitation of diagnosis here) or just help a person get disability designation.

That is why we do not diagnosis Autism, ADHD, or any other permanent challenge without seeing a person for at least four (4) counseling sessions to see what help the person needs. We will help you with whatever challenges you are having for at least four (4) sessions before just labeling you with a neuro-developmental challenge.

CAASS LTD is good at helping people succeed, so if you just need a diagnosis for a disability designation or get government assistance, be aware we are very bad at helping you get this (most likely permanent) designation and it is not our focus.

Come to use for help and we can provide you a ASD or ADHD diagnosis if needed during the course of treatment.