Below are resources on different topics related to different topics in Autism and other challenges.

Forming Friendships as a Neurodivergent Adult (2023 published article)

Article where Ken was interviewed and provided insights for.

Adult Autism and Feelings (2017 published article)e)

  • Article by Ken about how feelings work in Neurodivergent Adults. Get a copy of the most recently updated Feelings Wheel below.

Feelings Wheel by Wilcox w/ add by K. Smith

  • Get the Feelings Wheel Ken uses by clicking the above link. Ken is working on a book about the Feelings Wheel! Check back to see when book is available sometime in 2024.

Autism/Asperger’s Resources

Connecting with Your Asperger Partner– A great book for those with Autism/Asperger’s and there loved ones understanding (and often saving) loving relationships.

The Way I See It– Book by Temple Grandin with observations and practical advice about Autism and Asperger’s

Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships– Book by Grandin and Barron

Females with Asperger’s Syndrome Unofficial Checklist– The best and most extensive checklist I have seen for figuring out if you have Autism/Asperger’s features. Print it off, answer yes or no, and take it with you to therapy to discuss it.  It works for both females and males, but geared to females.

AAPC Publishing

  • The best place CAASS knows to get practical books and approaches to helping people with Autism.


  • What Me Worry? A great workbook on worry from the always good Centre for Clinical Intervention.


  • Assert Yourself! Free workbook on how to improve assertiveness skills from the Centre for Clinical Intervention.

Career Assessments

O*Net Career Assessment (Hubbard Code)– A venerable vocational assessment tool, find jobs that you might like

Occupational Outlook Handbook– Figure out what jobs will be in demand and which won’t from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Insomnia Issues

  • A good app for insomnia/sleeping issues is CBT-I Coach.

Personality Trait Assessments

Big Five Inventory (BFI) – A well researched tool to show your current personality traits

BFI- Star Wars Edition– The BFI with the added bonus of telling you what Star Wars character you are most like

Sensory Issues, Understanding the 8 senses