Who we help

CAASS prides itself on helping clients that have not had success in the past with mental health and medical interventions to help them with Autism/Asperger’s and social anxiety issues. Here are some of  the kinds of problems and clients we help:

Problems with understanding non-verbal and non-literal communication

Working with those who have existentialist issues due to the isolation Autism/Asperger’s can cause

People who are extremely brilliant in professional and academic areas but struggle with emotional intelligence

People with a hard time understanding and naming emotions (alexithymia)

Those with Autism/Asperger’s and co-occurring mental disorders/ suicidal thoughts

People who need to find a voice and be more assertive

How do I know if I have Autism/Asperger’s personality features ?

Do you have terror in having to deal with strangers or groups?

Have you always had trouble with understanding others or been told you were too literal or awkward?

Have you been described as quirky, eccentric or a nerd  since childhood?

Do you have special interests or activities/hobbies/subject that you are extremely interested in (e.g. anime, stats, medicine, serial killer memorabilia, cars, etc.)?

Always felt like an alien around most people?

Wondered if you had Autism?