Look before you leap…

Please click to see the current fee schedule for CAASS.

Insurance CAASS accepts in-network:

Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Please Note: CAASS will not be in-network with Anthem after 5 April 2020)

Medical Mutual (Employer-sponsored only, not the Marketplace Plan)

OhioHealth (Ohio Healthy)

CAASS may be In-network with a few other insurance plans and Ohio Medicaid, call to check.

Other Insurance Companies

Single Case Agreements

Many of our clients who do not have participating insurance plans have obtained single case agreements (SCA) from their insurance company, which allow OON insurance clients to get services at CAASS at in-network terms. We have had a 100% success rate obtaining SCA from insurance plans that are regulated by the state of Ohio for clients with suspected or diangosed Autism. Please contact CAASS for more information on how to request a single case agreement from your insurance company. An excellent explanation of single case agreements from Vinodha Joly, LMFT can be here.

Out-of-network Insurance

CAASS will courtesy bill all most out-of-network (OON) insurance companies for our clients. This saves the client from having to file paperwork with their insurance company. If you have a PPO or POS printed on your insurance card, you likely have out-of-network benefits. Please see our fee policy about billing OON.

Medicare and Secondary Insurance

CAASS cannot accept Medicare for regulatory reasons. This includes persons who have both Medicare/Medicaid unless the client has pre-authorization.

CAASS will not bill secondary insurance (e.g. you have Medicare as your primary insurance and say Anthem as your secondary). CAASS will provide you with any information (superbills, Form 1500, etc.) you need to make claims to secondary insurance.