Casey Stockett, Autism Coach

Casey is delighted to have the chance of helping others informed by her firsthand knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder/Asperger’s syndrome. Casey enjoys working with individual on the autism spectrum and for those who have neuro-developmental disorders. She has spent the many years working with children and adults who are on the Spectrum to help them gain their skills and helped them developed. I work with children who are non-verbal l too.

I have always a passion to help individual that are on the Spectrum. I have close family members and friends with the Autism. Growing up I can see I noticed that my family and friends with Autism didn’t have the resources to help them in their daily life. This inspired me to gain the skills and resources to help people with Autism.  I believe everyone has the right to get the help they need!

My M.S. is in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  My life goal is to help each every single person that I can and help them developed them to be the best version of themselves!

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