CAASS’s is proud to offer insured online coaching services of business partner Casey Stockett. Coaching helps a person optimize life and build specific skills such as:

  • Improving communication skills
  • Improve assertiveness
  • Career and job exploration
  • Learn to advocate for self
  • Optimize other areas of your life
  • Explore life philosophy and what life might expect from you
  • Dealing with the world when you have neurodiversity (such as Autism and ADHD)
  • Support for parents with children with neurodiversity
  • Improve communication between people who struggle with their marriage/romantic partner with neurodiverse features or problems with emotional/social reciprocity.

Coaching services are available to anyone in the USA.

What Coaching cannot do:

  • Cannot diagnosis/assess/treat Autism or any other mental health issues. If the coach feels that the client has a mental health and/or medical problem, client will be referred to licensed mental/medical providers for help.
  • The fees charged in coaching under no circumstances can be submitted or reimbursed by health insurance. The client will pay for all coaching fees at time of service.
  • Once a client is a coachee of CAASS LTD or it partners, the coachee CANNOT become a mental health client. In other words a client can be a coachee or a mental health client, but once client is either a coachee or mental health client they cannot change their status for any provider at CAASS LTD or its partners.
  • Coaching and mental health counseling/treatment/diagnosis/assessment is in no way the same. Be aware of that. Coaching is about getting the skills you need to get the skills and life you want. It is in no way mental health or medical in nature.

Cost of coaching can be more affordable than counseling due to less regulations. Currently coaching with Casey is $70 per hour.

To see what coaching with Casey Stockett can do for you, contact us today with the form below.

We are sorry that you have to confirm that you understand what coaching is by answering the following questions below. But we just want to be completely honest what services you are getting…
PLEASE don’t send sensitive personal information via this form. But do be a specific as possible what you want.

Again coaching is not for the treatment, diagnosis, or assessment of mental disorders. Coaching cannot be billed to insurance for any circumstances, you have to pay out of pocket for it. If your coach also has another role as a mental health provider, you cannot be seen a mental health client. If your coach feels you would profit from or if your challenges are best addressed by a mental health provider, your coach will refer you to one. If you have been seen/are being seen by a mental health provider, they cannot become your coach. Click for mental health.